sábado, 29 de agosto de 2009

Samba de Caboclo

The samba de angola rhytm from de Candomble de Angola (also known as Cabila, cabula, or samba de caboclo) .
This is the rhythm , the "toque " , which is considered to be the grandfather of samba.

Is pretty similar to Samba de Roda, which is the father.
In other states you find exactly the same micro rhythm in the maracatu from Recife and in the Boi de Zabumba.
The dances of candomblé, come from a Yoruba tradition – even those designated of the angola nation. Samba appears to have been derived from Kongo-Angolan moves. Yet there are certain similarities as the circle formation of the dances. In the candomblé, the circle of dancers move counterclockwise, until one or several receive a divine spirit.